In The News: Crossroads Office and Retail Development Includes ‘Leafy Oasis’

The concept for a new project in the Crossroads have been shared with the city and generated interest by some local publications. According to CitySceneKC, Shirley Helzbeg’s redevelopment plan covers the half-block east of Central Street from 17th to 18th streets.

“The idea is that this property becomes a neighborhood amenity, both to serve office tenants in Shirley’s other Crossroads properties and other tenants in the neighborhood,” Pete Lacy, Helzberg’s real estate advisor said in an interview with CitySceneKC.

Helix has partnered with philanthropist and developer Shirley Helzberg on a multiphase development that will comprise offices and multifamily. Based on a 20-year partnership that includes projects like the Webster House, Blossom House, and multiple projects at the intersection at 17th and Wyandotte, the relationship between Helix and Shirley bodes well for the latest Crossroads development.

“Working with Shirley has been so rewarding because she cares tremendously about the built environment, especially historic structures,” said Helix Principal Jay Tomlinson FAIA. “Shirley always takes the long view in her work, rather than the expedient or easy. This project represents 20 years of collaborating with Shirley, and we are tremendously proud of her and the work she has done, in her own way, in the Crossroads neighborhood.” 

Planned use of solar panels on the roof to supplement energy use. “There’s a demand in the market from tenants who want to be in a sustainable building so we plan to maximize the roof space for solar,” Lacy said. Additionally, the former parking lot of the Kenton Brothers building would become a landscaped plaza by landscape architect, MCLV.

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