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KCPD Headquarters

Elevating an already monumental building

The purpose of the renovation is to reposition the facility, originally built in 1938, for another 70 years of service to the community, and to do so while respecting the character of the historic structure. Beyond addressing space requirements, the Police Department wanted to create a welcoming yet “we mean business” first impression for visitors and a facility suited for collaboration, efficiency, team-building, and celebration.

Location: Kansas City, MO
Size: 115,000 SF

Central to the design was the need to communicate the Department’s rich history of community service through a dignified and at times monumental space. This addition is a literal and figural interface between the Kansas City, MO Police Department and the surrounding community conveying involvement and transparency. This project was awarded AIA Kansas City 2016 Project of the Year.

“The staff at Helix has been very responsive to our needs today and our desires for how we want to work in the future. Nothing we have thrown at them has been met with anything less than enthusiasm and a positive energy.”

Major Sharon Laningham, KCPD