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FabriQuilt Headquarters

Revamping a historic warehouse for the headquarters of a sustainable fabric company

Helix partnered with FabriQuilt, a textile manufacturing company that wanted to refresh and revive their outdated office space. Located in a historic warehouse in North Kansas City, FabriQuilt is home to approximately 30 employees, producing and distributing exactly what their name implies: fabric quilting. Aside from fabric, the FabriQuilt headquarters is also home to a plethora of plants and greenery. “WallyGro,” the parent company of FabriQuilt, creates living wall products that focus on sustainable materials and plants for both consumers and the professional market. FabriQuilt is, quite literally, a green company.

Location: North Kansas City, MO
Size: 8,000 SF.

The old office space had furred out windows with low ceilings. A large part of the project involved taking out the ceilings, walls, and old finishes to open up the warehouse and give FabriQuilt a clean slate. By giving the new space a neutral backdrop, FabriQuilt can now showcase their textiles and wall plant system, allowing their brand to really own the space. The industrial feel of the building is a beautiful contrast with the fabric and greenery.

FabriQuilt is very passionate and focused on sustainability in their products, and now their office matches this concept. The building now has open work stations, meeting spaces, private offices, new restrooms and a new kitchen. New windows and LED lighting allow the building to function much more efficiently and sustainably, further emphasizing their dedication to sustainability.