What We Do

MO Bank

Redefining the banking experience

MO Bank envisioned a future that might not require in-person transactions or even paper currency. The bank, with deep roots in Kansas City, prides itself in forming partnerships with customers. Through several branch renovations, each banking center became a destination. The locations are memorable places, fully integrated into the fabric of unique urban neighborhoods, where people may learn, celebrate, interact, and also bank. Each renovation had to be sensitive to place and intentional in fostering community, and each branch had to reflect the vitality, humor, and authenticity for which MO Bank is renowned. The renovations garnered a Good Design is Good Business Award from Architectural Record — a testament to the design’s role in supporting MO Bank’s innovative approach to business.

Locations: Multiple branches in Kansas City, MO
Size: 20,000 total SF

“The design of this space has helped us recruit like-minded employees, it’s brought us new customers. At our Crossroads branch for example, we’ll have people stop in and open their account [who] don’t know anything about us, but it’s because of the design of the building. And that’s the ultimate compliment for Helix — the design brought business.”

Grant Burcham, Former President of Missouri Bank, Current Chairman of Bank of Kansas City