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Norrington Center

Renovating a Carnegie Library to transform the student experience

Park University partnered with Helix to transform this 100-year-old treasure into the new state-of-the-art Norrington Center, focused on creating a technology-rich, collaborative academic commons. The historic library is the oldest Carnegie Library building still remaining on a college campus in the State of Missouri. The new Norrington Center provides a technology rich learning center and embraces the leadership’s vision of an impactful and practical space that increases the accessibility of higher education to all students.

Location: Parkville, MO
Size: 11,700 SF

A highly flexible floorplan with as few walls as possible enables students to use the building in different ways with new technology over time. Additionally, this open design fosters a sense of community between students, staff and faculty. Key spaces include private study areas, technology-rich classrooms, a new coffee shop and an outdoor terrace.

“This space for the students is to the level and quality we expect a Park student to experience.”

Matthew Van Hoesen,
Former Chief Financial Officer
Park University