Uniquely Helix

Happy hour is not for naught. A fun conversation transpired a few weeks ago over end-of-the-week beers that resulted in a census of the personality types in the office. As an office, we unanimously, and somewhat eagerly, opted to take an online version of the Myer-Briggs personality type indicator test  in order to get to know ourselves, each other, and our workplace a little bit better. The results were catalogued and studied to identify our individual and collective identities. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert in analytical psychology. I am an interior designer with a sincere interest in people (my co-workers), workplace (both designing and working), and relationships. So if any of this doesn’t make sense, don’t be too surprised, or concerned. The following results are meant to delight and entertain.


Collectively, we are the most rare personality type in the Myers-Briggs matrix. The data reveals the following to be true at Helix:

  1. There are more Introverts than Extroverts (I>E)
  2. There are more Intuitive types than Sensing (N>S)
  3. There are more Feeling types than Thinking…nearly a 3:1 ratio! (F>T)
  4. There are more Judging types than Perceiving (J>P)
If this doesn’t mean much to you, the break-down (pictured right) defining the dichotomies may help.

If you take the greater of the two dichotomies listed above for each preference, you get the conglomerate personality type INFJ. The INFJ personality belongs to the “Diplomat” or “Idealist” category, and makes up less than 1% of the U.S. population. The INFJ is idealistic, moral, decisive, and uses energy to create balance, not for personal gain. The INFJ is a rare breed including an impressive list of infamous persons such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa to name a few! We at Helix are proud to be an INFJ company who seek meaning in our work, wish to create a lasting positive impact, and believe strongly that people matter. See more about our philosophy here:

Another take-away from this exercise is the fact that we have three majority personality types in the office.  Nearly everyone else is a floater, a single or pair of one-offs. A brief synopsis of the top three most common types in the office:

 ISFJ – The Protector. 18% of Helix employees. Quiet, friendly, responsible. Notice and remember specifics about people. Good listeners, eager to serve, great organizers.

ENFJ – The Teacher. 14% of Helix employees (50% of which are leadership). Warm, empathetic, responsible. Finds potential in everyone. Provides inspiring leadership. Communicative, affectionate and warm. Honors commitments.

ENFP – The Champion. 14% of Helix employees. Enthusiastic, imaginative, spontaneous, flexible. Improvises confidently. Fun, optimistic, reads others well.

As individuals, there are a handful of Helixers who have found the optimal vocation for them, based on the personality type career guidance book “Do What You Are” by Paul Tieger (pictured right).  We played a guessing game at our semi-annual meeting last Friday that I think those of you who know us may also enjoy. We had fun with it!

Guess who represents the Helix personality type identified above?

Guess who is a quintessential interior designer with irresistible style and who just wants to fun?!

Guess who are quintessential graphic designers and true idealists with a calm exterior and burning inner passion?!

Guess who the quintessential architects are: inventive, creative, intellectual and most logically precise of all personality types?!

Guess who is a quintessential entrepreneur on a constant quest for knowledge and who often plays devil’s advocate?!

Helix’s demographics are unique and reflect a character that is creative, idealistic, and supportive of each other (i.e. The Teacher, the Protector, and the Champion). These are my teammates, my bosses, my co-workers, and my friends. I am happy to learn what I knew all along: we are great people individually and even better when we’re together!