Helix Announces Three New Associates

Three outstanding Helix employees were promoted to Associates. This talented crew has been recognized for their leadership and tenacity within the company. All three have taken on numerous projects at once, finding balance and success by wearing many different hats.


Matt is a Senior Project Manager, as well as an avid tattoo collector and captain of his Midtown Dart League Team (aptly named “The Dartchitects”). He has his hands on nearly every project at Helix, but the most significant of his current projects include the KCU College of Dental Medicine, the Housing Authority of Kansas City, and KCU Joplin Student Housing. His favorite building in Kansas City is the Plaza Corporate Center, but he definitely leads a not-so-corporate lifestyle. He enjoys gardening, running, and rescuing animals. And when it comes to coffee or tea? He prefers neither.

Best Movie Villain: Waingro from Heat

Current Reads: The Perfume Burned His Eyes by Michael Imperioli & Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion by Bad Religion with Jim Ruland

Favorite Place You Have Traveled: Key West


Carly came to Helix through a series of twists and turns, a story that led her into her current role as Director of Marketing and Business Development. This position gives her a little bit of everything: “the chance to be a storyteller for a company doing amazing things in Kansas City (and beyond), the ability to grow professionally, and getting to do it all while surrounded by some of the smartest and most creative people in town.” Outside of work, Carly is happy as long as she is on a beach or a comfortable patio, preferably surrounded by an ample selection of IPAs or listening to boy bands from the early 2000s.

Best Movie Villain: Scar from The Lion King

Current Read: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Favorite Place You Have Traveled: Jamaica


Taylore originally came to Helix for its fantastic design portfolio and office space, but it’s her passionate coworkers and phenomenal clients that have kept her here. As Project Manager and Designer, her current projects include the Mid-Continent Public Libraries and Clark Hall at the University of Missouri. Taylore loved to paint and draw in school (which was what eventually led her to a career in design), and continues to dabble in watercolor painting. She has dreams of traveling to Scotland one day, but she would also be happy just popping over to Andy’s Frozen Custard (a not-so-guilty pleasure of hers).

Best Movie Villain: Hannibal Lector from The Silence of the Lambs

Current Watch: Paramount’s Yellowstone

Favorite Place You Have Traveled: Jamaica